It's About The People...

At GA, we're in the people business. Don't get us wrong. We love coffee, chai, matcha, and tea, and we drink them every day, multiple times a day. But...we love people more. And we've found some of the best conversations happen at a table with two cups (or plates) between us.

A Great Space...

We hope to make these kinds of experiences common, and one of the core "products" in our coffee house. We're also very fond of the idea of Cheers - creating a space "where everybody knows your name" and you're more than just an order number; where every guest feels warm and welcome.

And Really Good Coffee!

Over the last year, we've been surprised to learn just how complex an art and science specialty coffee is. The type of bean, growing region & conditions, roast, sit time, grind courseness, right up to the final preparation by the barista, all make a big difference. We're proud to partner with local roaster Three Fins of West Dennis for our beans – which just so happen to be the best we've ever tasted.

Our Drink Menu

Espresso Drinks

This is our "bread and butter," the main attraction. Want a latte, cappuccino, mocha, or macchiato? Here's where it's at, with whole, skim, or oat milk, hot or iced, flavored or straight, sweetened or not.

Coffee on Tap

This is for the purists who want it quick: for those who like their coffee iced, brewed cold & smooth, or pillowed in luscious nitro, we've got you covered.

Chai, Matcha, Hot Chocolate, & Tea

Can't handle the buzz buzz buzz and looking for a great alternative? We've got you covered there, as well. With wonderfully spicy chai, caffeine-free turmeric ginger chai, vibrant green matcha served with or without sweetener, a rich hot chocolate, or a fragrant loose-leaf tea, we're pretty sure you won't feel like you've missed out.

Drip Coffee

For the traditionalist looking for an economical price point, we serve two varieties of batch brew daily: a lighter and a darker roast.. For the new traditionalist with a bit of time to kill, we provide pour overs, smooth enough to sip black with a good book.

Food Items

The terms "cafe" and "coffee house" seem to have lost their original meaning. At GA, we don't serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a pot of coffee on the side. Providing the highest quality coffee is our primary focus. BUT, to better serve the needs of our guests, we're always expanding our supplemental menu. We currently offer a variety of delicious sweet and savory French pastries baked in-house throughout the day. We also offer a variety of gluten free, paleo options with White Lion products.

Delicious Pastries

We serve some of the best pastries and frittatas we've ever tasted. Some of our regulars have tried them all and it's a full two thumbs up. Our most popular are the Spinach Feta savory bistro pastry, the Apple Danish, the Chocolate Avalanche, and the Sweet Cheese Danish.

Gluten Free Items

For our gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant, and celiac friends, we have an entire case dedicated to gluten free items, including many White Lion products at various price points. The Chocolate Chunk Brownie is particularly popular.